The Masterpiece

Stay Cool released in December of 2015 was the first official mixtape release by Kid Foo with his signature sound of ambient hip hop and pop rap. He touches out to his personal side and feelings to let people know who he is as an artist. Then in 2016 Kid Foo and CEO, C Fresh, collab with the the label, Street Corporate Entertainment LLC, on a pop EP called Bar Muzik, showing the fun side of the team. This music was mainly for bars and having parties by playing good pop and hip hop music. In March of 2017, initially releases his first debut EP The Faze on all digital platforms. The Faze is a representation of Kid Foo showing that he doesn't have regular music but more original and dark ambient spark to his own sound. Now Kid Foo is working on his second EP Pitch Blak that will be dropping in December of 2017 to end the year out on a good note with good music!


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