The Artist

Kid Foo

A rather different music artist than others, Kid Foo, tends to be on the more in depth and creative side of music. Kid Foo was born on March 1st, 1996, and he is a Pisces! He tends to mentor people with his music, which carries a memorable message too it. He is signed by his personal friend and mentor, C-Fre$h, at Street Corporate Entertainment LLC. His music selection is one of a kind, being that he really doesn't have one he favors. Kid Foo can enjoy the peacefulness of being a multi-genre artist and exploring the different sounds of other genres. Although his favorite genres tend to be Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, and R&B he believes that if music is made only in one genre, why not make music that can be made in every genre. Time is always granted to him being that he is still young and developing his skills and knowledge about music, but this doesn't mean he won't take advantage of it. Check out some of his tracks here to get a more personal feeling.


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